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The Music Lady - Beth Green: Buy

"Lullabies: A Haven of Harmony" CD - Lullaby CD

"Finalist: Best Lullaby CD!" (Children's Music Web Awards, 2004)

"Two words for your Lullaby CD and they would be: Goose Bumps." (Carol S.)

"I gave it to my 11-month old grandnephew for Christmas, but I listened to it first. Oh my!! Absolutely beautiful!" (Jean C.)

"Phenomenal..." (Gerry M.)

"It is WONDERFUL!!! The only time (our child) is consistently receptive to input is when he's in his crib or carseat, so we've been playing your music at night, in the AM and every time we're in the car. He's so used to it now, we even know his favorites! You have a beautiful voice and I love the way you adapted some of the songs to make them more kid-friendly. You are truly talented!!" (Britt & Barry J.)

"I could not stop listening! 'Froze out in my car - did not want to stop listening to go do my holiday shopping!" (Ruth B.)

"You painted with music!" (Phil G.)

"Blissfully peaceful." (Deb N.)

"Ryan had already been asleep for a half hour and we just kept listening..." (Sarah P.)

"WOW! You have awesome talent! We enjoyed every measure of the music. You make the children's music especially wonderful for adults also!" (Jim & Jean M.)
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"Piggy-Backs, Quacks & Sing-Backs" CD - Children's CD

Listeners Review this CD:

Reviewer: Deb N.
"I purchased this CD for a friend that is having a baby - I knew she would love it as much as I do. I bought this CD when my daughter was 1 1/2 yrs old. We listen to it all the time and a year later she is singing along. Our car rides wouldn't be the same without hearing Beth's beautiful voice."

Reviewer: Marie C
"I absolutely feel in love with this CD. The songs are well-picked and makes one feel young again. Beth has a wonderful voice which puts this CD over the top as a must have for children....or even if you do not have any at home, as in my case."

Reviewer: Parent of Child Enrolled in Studio
" Fantastic CD - a Must-Have!
Beth's voice is absolutely beautiful. Her songs and variations of well known songs are charming. Beth's passion for music is contagious - you can't help but either sing along or be lulled into a blissful state."
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