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The Music Lady - Beth Green: Links

To purchase The Music Lady's CD's for children:

CD Baby
This site is where you may purchase The Music Lady's "Lullabies: A Haven of Harmonies" CD for children
CD Baby
This site is where you may purchase The Music Lady's "Piggy-Backs, Quacks & Sing-Backs" CD for children.

Please visit these worthwhile sites, too!

Juvenile Diabetes Research Association
UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing)
GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE!! Learn how you could be an organ donor! Leviticus 19:18 (NIV): " your neighbor as yourself." All it takes is signing one little card that you keep in your could mean the world to another family :-)
Row Kids
ROW KIDS is a not-for-profit Christian Ministry that is dedicated to children in dire poverty in Developing and 3rd World Countries. ROW KIDS provides children in designated countries with program benefits and services that meet basic needs, enhance self-esteem, and raise their physical and educational levels. The overall mission is for all the children in our program to obtain the necessary level of education so each child can grow into a healthy, educated and self-reliant adult. ROW KIDS currently operates in six countries over four continents around the world. ROW KIDS is seeking funds from contributions, sponsorships, and grants. These funds will be used to provide these programs and services.
Quilted Angels
Custom Quilt Design~helping fight Breast Cancer one stitch at a time
Ladybug Design ~ Personal Notecards