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The Music Lady - Beth Green: Bio

The Music Lady, Inc., also known as Beth Green, is enjoying an almost-20-year career as a professional children's music educator, teacher trainer, entertainer and CD recording artist (click on "Music" here to enjoy a sample listen!). Beth is Founder/Director for The School for Performing Arts, teaching piano lessons, vocal and dramatic arts audition prep coaching, and Voice-over training to children in the form of year-round lessons and summer camps. Beth also hosts musical enrichment/therapy programs at many schools and libraries, and parent-accompanied, age-appropriate musical enrichment classes for parents and children ages 0-6 years in South Carolina and Massachusetts. Additionally, Beth is a Certified Teacher Trainer, conducting early childhood Teacher Training seminars for preschool and childcare teachers, children's librarians and family childcare providers, for their annual, state-required certification renewals and Continuing Education Units (CEU's). Seminars include, but are not limited to: Musical Arts Curriculum Development, Baby Sign Language, Multi-Cultural Musical Enrichment, Making Musical Instruments on a Budget, Musically Enhancing Transitions, and many others. Also a children's choir director since 2000, Beth is a member of several professional musical education affiliations: ECMMA (Early Childhood Music and Movement Association), MENC (Music Educators' National Conference), and AOSA (American Orff-Schulwerk Association). In 2018, Beth will be completing her Master's Degree in Education, with a specialty in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts, and has received her AOSA graduate certification. Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Dramatic Arts/Music, and has also been a member of NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), MMEA (Massachusetts Music Educators' Association), and CMN (Children's Music Network). Beth uses the musical education approaches of Orff-Schulwerk, Kodaly, and Solfege, and incorporates them very gently into her programs, so that the children can feel invited to participate in a myriad of ways, without pressure to perform. Frequent sing-along's, accompanied by Beth on the guitar, autoharp or keyboard, help to create the family-fun, easy atmosphere at all of her programs, which also Inter-generational Music Fests at Senior living centers, and Interactive Music Therapy programs for special needs children and adults.

A sampling of studio quotes from parents of enrolled studio children:
"Our two sons have been attending The Music Lady's classes since the seven year old was one and the five year old was in-utero! They have gained a great love and appreciation for music. They both sing spontaneously while playing or riding in the car or stroller, or when falling asleep or upon waking. The five year old enjoys making up silly words to familiar tunes and trying to guess what instrument he's hearing when we listen to music. The familiar organization of The Music Lady's class mixed with the novel and fun activities are ideally geared to this young age group. We enjoy listening to her tapes & CD's, to which we sing together on long car rides. Her beautiful voice is easy listening for adults, too! We believe that The Music Lady has laid the foundation for our sons to have a musical life!" --- Barbara Shephard, M.D., Neonatologist, Floating Hospital for Children, & Ivan Frantz, M.D., Chairman of Pediatrics, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA.

"The Music Lady has a wonderful, developmentally-appropriate approach to musical fun for all ages. My children love her class!" ----- Danette Colella, M.D., Mother and Pediatrician

"As a mother and speech therapist, I love to bring my children to The Music Lady. She educates caregivers on ways to bond with their children and bring music into their lives. She uses a variety of modalities (gross motor, fine motor, speech, and language- including sign language) in a developmentally appropriate manner to enrich their musical experience. This type of instruction offers a very real benefit to all children and especially the ones who need a little extra attention. Her enthusiasm is contagious and most importantly the kids have a blast! This class is a great way to help any child gain an appreciation for music in a fun setting."
--- Jennifer Whelan, MS, CCC-SLP, Mother and Speech-Language Pathologist.

A sampling of quotes from anonymous client parents (on post-class surveys):

• “I love the fact that you sing some things when you could have just spoken the words! I have begun singing more in the car. Also it’s neat that my 2 year old sings a lot more on his own!”
• “Thank God for your learning CD’s…as long as that CD is playing, it’s the only thing that will allow me to buckle her in her car-seat without a struggle!”
• “I loved your patience and inclusiveness, your props! Also, I’m reminded of how I loved music as a child.”
• “I learned a few new songs and how to get her attention by singing versus talking.”
• “We love the custom learning CD’s….my wife and I have literally been held hostage in our driveway by our child who refuses to get out of the car until “Miss Beth” is done singing!”
• “Nice variety in the class. I had a chance to see how my child (being an only child) reacts in a group setting--I was pleased.”
• “I liked the short, repetitious songs and chants. They were easy for us to remember and sing at home.”
• “I was in the car the other day listening to your CD… was just me and the dog!”
• “Very positive, supportive, praising attitude/behavior from Miss Beth.”
• “…Allowed him to express his individuality in music and movement...your flexibility in allowing children to do their own thing.”
• “This class went beyond my expectations. Hands-on. Great props! Connor loved the guitar.”
• “My son looks forward to coming each week and every time we pass the building he screams, “Singing!!”
• “…Free movement, marching, music awareness…We liked your variety, introduction of instruments, and sign language.”
• “Gabrielle enjoyed practicing jumping and would dance when we would sing the ‘Thank you for coming’ song.”
• “My child is quite sensitive and shy. This helped him to be more open…Your class exceeded my expectations!”
• “I enjoyed your positive comments and I learned that children this young can have pitch and rhythm!”
• “You combined activity with singing enough to keep active kids busy but not so much activity that it would be hard for the kids who are not so active to keep up with the pace.”
• “Very entertaining for kids and adults; learning how to interact with kids her age. (Her) participation and social skills improved.”
• “Always a different class each week. Just the right amount of repetition with some things…Your in-depth knowledge.”
• “We really enjoyed it. Sydney especially enjoyed having me come and participate with her, as opposed to other activities she’s done for children only. She especially appreciated the puppets. They helped draw her out a bit.”
• “Flexibility of teacher, active involvement of children. Emma would often sing songs in the car that she learned in the class…”
• “Thank you for accommodating my painfully shy little boy. The fact that he never HAD to leave my lap made him so comfortable, he was able to reach right out to you when you took out the parachute. That blew me away. He has never left my side in a social situation. I am so grateful. Onward and upward!”
• “We learned new songs that help us sing while we get things done at home! Thanks for your unique enthusiasm!!!”
• “Abby loves the class – we all do! I also love that her infant sister attended for free, for her entire first year of life! Thank you!”
• “I don’t know what we would do without your CD’s. He was having his very first meltdown in the car on a 2-hour trip the other day, completely inconsolable, and we put in your CD, and he immediately stopped crying, and the next time we turned around, he was sound asleep. Thanks for the anesthesia!”